Continuing professional development with the IDW

Requirement for Continuing Professional Development
The requirements for continuing professional development are established through different laws or bylaws: Wirtschaftsprüferordnung [German Law Regulating the Profession of Wirtschaftsprüfer – WPO] and Wirtschaftsprüferkammer [German Chamber of Public Auditors- WPK] Bylaws.
These bylaws set forth a legal duty of continuing professional development for all members of Wirtschaftsprüfer who are members of the WPK of no less than 40 hours/year. In addition, under the IDW’s Articles of Incorporation, each member is required to ensure that their CPD meets their professional practice needs: The IDW also requires 40 hours of CPD a year.

IDW’s offers of continuing professional development include:

  • decentralized advanced professional training events by state groups
  • regional technical seminars
  • a annual congress
  • variety of on-line presentations (podcasts, interviews concerning new technical developments etc.)