Routes to joining the profession

Wirtschaftsprüfer have a responsible role, operating in an interdisciplinary and increasingly international working environment. The special requirements emanating from the professional standards, i.e., independence, neutrality and competence, reflect the responsibility demanded of Wirtschaftprüfer; requirements which make it clear that auditing is perceived not as a trade but as a profession.

High qualifications, combined with continuous advanced professional development and the consistent management of quality control, provide the foundations enabling Wirtschaftsprüfer to cope with the growing complexity of their professional duties, increasing market demands on the profession and increasingly tight competition.

Candidates electing to become Wirtschaftsprüfer have chosen an exciting, diversified and responsible profession. The Wirtschaftsprüfer qualification offers optimal opportunities for a professional career, not just in public practice but also in industry. Determining the right educational path initially is more important than merely wanting to have a career. The profession of Wirtschaftsprüfer provides the credentials for a top job with a future.